A New Year Sparkle Deposit

A New Year Sparkle Deposit


February 26th, 7pm at the Ramekin Winery in Sonoma

Color Palette: Black, Gold, Gold Metallic and lots of sparkle

Vibe: Sophisticated, Chic, and Glamorous, playing up the bubbly of the sparkling wine

Proposing a 15’ Balloon Waterfall for the Entrance; (guessing at the size as I don’t have measurements or a photo which will help finesse that number). - $375

Proposing my Kissing Booth and Balloon Waterfall Feature to be placed as a Design Focal Point. It can also be used as a photo station for selfies and Instagram moment. $500 (I am going to shorten the balloon feature to 10’ and use a few less of the specialty metallic balloons. This will shave off -$250 from the feature allowing some more room for big balloons.

We are adding (3) custom logos to the balloon feature: $42

I propose using (9) Giant Table Top Balloons with Tassel to pepper through some of the high cocktail tables. They will hover at least 4’ above the table tops and we can stand them taller if you’d like to play up the verticality of the space. 4’ will be gorgeous. I propose you use the black balloon and the tassel will have lots of gold metallic fringe shimmering. $55 each- $495

Delivery $200/ Installation $250 (These numbers might change once I know the schematics better and know what size of truck to rent.


Is there an option to inflate and construct on site? How early could I get in there?

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