A One Derful Celebration

A One Derful Celebration


A “ONE”derful Celebration of your daughter’s first year. I will deliver on Friday October 19th. I want to install and then cover your installation with bags to keep the balloons looking fresh for the following day. I recommend we install later in the day, maybe around 5is. We’ll mark out where the garland will go and that can be hung in the morning.

(1) 12’ - 15’ Balloon Half Arch with various balloon sizes and metallics - $285

(1) 6’ Garland - $66

(1) Giant Freestanding Balloon with 2 tassels -$55

(1) Little Burst w/ Ribbon for the patio door - $25

(1) Little Burst w/Ribbon for the front door. - $0

Color Palette will be a rich and glamorous mix of Burgundy, Buttercup, Cranberry, Rose, Creamy Vanilla, and metallic gold fringe. I will not upcharge for the Cranberry Fabric in which I hope to find again.

Delivery/Installation: $0

Total: $431

Thank you for choosing my work for this very significant party. Also, thank you for my cappuccino ! It’s always a joy to hang out with you.



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