Alameda Diablo Birthday Bash

Alameda Diablo Birthday Bash


May 25th, Birthday Bash Outdoors, under the stars. Color Palette to TBD

Pool Feature: If there is a structure near the pool, then I propose dropping a Balloon Waterfall about 20’ from the down the wall of the structure, spilling and floating in the pool. $400 See Inspiration

Front Entry Welcome and Cocktail: I see that there are some columns in one of the photos and a porch. There are two choices. We can wrap the columns in Balloon Garland in an organic feature. - Alternatively, we can do a 13’ Balloon Waterfall in an asymmetrical organic look. It would be quite impactful, possible seen from the street. $260

Balloons By Band: If the band is located on the grass, like the photos I saw, then I think we could do something fun and zany by placing the Balloon Feature on the tree and then uplighting from below. (see sketches) $260

For the Dining Area: I propose that we install a big 20’ Balloon Waterfall or Balloon Garland on the structure nearest the dining table as a focal point. If the dining is near the outdoor cabana/kitchen area, I think we could do a fabulous feature outlining the roofline. The balloons would start on the roof and meander down the trim. $400

Delivery- $175

Installation- $150

Total - Roughly $1645

The email will have attachments, some inspirations from other artists and my own very rough sketches from the photos I was sent. The numbers will change once I have accurate measurements and a visit to the site.

Upon approval I accept a 50% deposit and the balance is due the week of event.

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