Alameda Diablo Birthday Bash Deposit

Alameda Diablo Birthday Bash Deposit


May 25th, Birthday Bash Outdoors, under the stars. 1717 Alameda Diablo

Color Palette: Discussed double stuffing Gold inside White so that it blends with the metallics on the dining tables. The Custom Colors will be quiet and sophisticated but give enough color value to make it pop off of the white painted architecture. - Discussed with Jessica meeting up with some inflated balloon samples in which I will also bring some metallic balloons that would be extra special and masculine. I also think we could do a Eucalyptus colored monochromatic look which would be quiet, sophisticated, and blend well with the pool balloon colors we chose.

Dining Area Feature: (1) 16’ Balloon Waterfall that will be installed high and tight to the roof trim. It will showcase the dining area without obstructing any views and be a stunning compliment to the elegant dining tables - $400

Pool Feature: (9) Giant Balloons in a random pattern inside the pool, resting on the water. I am looking into the best way to illuminate them. $315

Front Entry Welcome and Cocktail: - (1) 12’ Balloon Waterfall Feature tucked high and tight just like the cabana feature. In contrast to the scale of the front it will be quiet, stunning and perfectly tasteful! It will center the cocktail area and create a lovely, hospitable welcome without being over-the-top flashy. - $300

$1015 +

Delivery- $125 (truck rental)

Installation- $75

Total - $1015

Upon approval I accept a 50% deposit of $507.50 and the balance of $507.50 is due the week of event.

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