Aloha Homecoming

Aloha Homecoming


Berean Homecoming Hawaiin Theme: This quote includes (5) features.

1) Balloon Lantern Feature: This will be installed with the lighting over the gym floor. (9) Giant balloons in the event color palette will hang at various lengths with lights inside to cast a small glow. - $50

2) Balloon Waterfall Exterior Entrance: This will be 25' balloon waterfall that will attach to the front of the gym to the left of the signage. It will meander down the face of the gym, to the ceiling of the patio and then down the window wall to the floor. See sketch. Also I propose that the Art Club create (3) colorful surf boards to stand offset under the balloon waterfall to create a super fun photo opp. - $750

3) Balloon Underwater Feature: I will create (5) (2 large and 3 small) features of balloons to emulate coral, rocks and seaweed fronds with clear bubbles floating up to the ceiling. There will be some fish balloons to embellish further or to use throughout the space. This installation is for the Registration Area stepping into the building. $175

4) The Moon Gate Feature: I will add (2- 3) balloon bursts to decorate the top of the moon gate. We’ll add some more novelty balloons: pineapples, flamingos, paper palm leaves etc. The colors will reflect the color palette. - $100, We can continue to discuss what materials the fringe will be, I’ve sketched metallic gold fringe curtain and plumeria garland..

5) The Ladies Room Feature: (1) Giant Balloon with a tassel tail. $45

No delivery or installation fee because you provide PARENTS! And I don’t mind running down to the school to see my cute husband.

As usual, you may do a 50% deposit upon approval and the balance the week of Homecoming. If you’d prefer to pay in one installment that is fine too.

Thank you so much for choosing me again to be part of what looks to be an amazing event!

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