Aurora Organics Spa Sparkle

Aurora Organics Spa Sparkle


Amy, per our discussion and my design I will charge you a reduced rate of $8.50 per foot of garland. I will not charge an installation fee. These are the areas I will address:

SELFIE STATION: I will make a 10' garland for the selfie station. It will give us alot of room for play in how we display it and possibly leave some extra on the sides.

FRENCH DOORS AT ENTRY: I will make 5' of double thick (so I'll charge for 10') of garland. It will be 2 pieces and hang straight across the two door panels and add a bit of privacy with double tassels.

OVERHEAD CABINETS ON UPSTAIRS DISPLAY AREA: This garland will also be double thick like the french doors to conceal the cabinets that are not being utilized and add some sparkle to the upstairs landing. 6' of garland.

TEETH WHITENING CORNER: A 5' garland will create a pretty little vignette in the corner above the clients chair. They will be able to glance up and enjoy some visual excitement while they are being treated.

EXTRA: I will also give you the sample I created to play with. It might be nice in the powder room or on the reception desk. 

-A foot of garland is determined by my standard use of 3 tassels, but when I double up on tassels for coverage, I charge for them even though the length is actually shorter. I hope that makes sense.

31' of garland = $263.50 + tax = 23.06

Total: $286.50

If this bid is acceptable to you, then you can follow the link to purchase and I'll get to work! Garland should be ready to go by next Wednesday!


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