Award Ceremony Elegance

Award Ceremony Elegance


Delivery: December 5th , Wednesday

Stage Decor includes (2) Giant Freestanding Balloons w/tassel tails - $75 ea = $150

(2) 20” Metallic Orbz w/ Ribbon = $30 ea = $60

(2) Standing bundles including (1) Gold Orb, (5) 9” balloons in color palette $40ea = $80

Color Palette: We’re going with a very elegant and sophisticated look with Dark Blue, silver, gold, and silver and gold metallics. For the stage, I recommend that the Giant Balloon be either Royal Blue or Gold (The Midnight Pearl I was excited about does not come in the 30” I’m so sad). So the balloons on the stage will either be blue with a gold orb OR gold with a silver orb. The balloon bundles will be a gold orb with (3) midnight, (1) robin’s egg and (1) grey.

I will be sending you a photo.

Thank you so much!


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