BMW Showroom Balloons

BMW Showroom Balloons

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Balloons for the “PARTS” doorway. I propose that rather than a rainbow/arch shape which might create some awkward negative space, that we install it in an asymmetrical movement to start up high and then dip down over the doorway just a little. It creates a little more excitement and a modern look that will be stunning in your showroom!

(15-20’) Balloon Waterfall in the color palette inspiration from the Iron Horse Kids Pediatric Dentist in Christmas Candy and Ornament colors: Red & White Swirl, Wild Berry, Pearl White, Caribbean Blue, Green Chrome, Mixed Metallics and Green Metal. It’s a very Holly-Jolly Christmas palette.

We will install it at 5pm Thursday night.

The pricing includes balloon work, installation and rush fee. I’m thrilled for your flexibility in allowing a Thursday install. It will look gorgeous up there at least a week. We’ll install it so that it’s easy to remove without the ladder.


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