Cinderellas Dream Proposal

Cinderellas Dream Proposal


Hi Ruby!

I think I have a plan that is a bit less than I suggested on Friday.

I propose we place (4) giant freestanding balloons on the center square. (2) would flank the doorway and (2) would flank the pillar/columns. That would encourage the photos to happen there. OR they can be moved around, even inside once the party moves in. $300

I propose we use a lot of garland! (1) 6’ garland for the bar. Then I would hang gorgeous garlands from the (4) sconces in that center area. My sketch makes it look like there are two facing the lawn and that’s because I can’t show you how they look facing IN. I hope that makes sense. IF you are standing in the patio you would see garland facing you from the door and the columns. The garlands are fantastic because your daughter can keep them as a memory and you might give some to guests OR keep for another party. These colors would be pretty at Easter too. $240

Delivery Installation: $50

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