Farewell Summer

Farewell Summer


Nautical balloons/garland for lobby of Crow Canyon Country Club event space.

I propose making:

(1) 20’ Balloon Feature to drape in the center section of the transition from entry to lobby. It will be asymmetrical and have a gentle wave shape. The colors will be Navy, White, Gold Chrome and Metallic gold. I might even use a few shades of blue.

(1) Freestanding Balloon in Gold or White, with a Garland Tail in Blues, White and Gold Metallic Fringe

IN the sketch, I also propose renting or trading with Gussy Up Decor to use a White Leather/Faux Club Chair, Gold Gilded Cocktail Table, and a simple Sandwich Board to write the name of the event. this will make a stronger moment with the compliment of the Balloon Feature. The Balloon Feature creates a framework to showcase the rentals and tells a complete story.

Alternatively, this vignette that I’ve sketched with the Balloon Features and the Seating Area could be installed in another area that might be enjoyed longer. I hope that’s not confusing just suggesting that there are other options with it.

Also, this piece will require a staff person to help with the ladder. You had suggested that “I may be able to have someone help with that.” I thought that I might need to do assembly on site and I have decided to keep this feature simple and reserve the more elaborate design for a future event.

Nina Voss

September 18th

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