Fifty and Fabulous

Fifty and Fabulous


Saturday, November 10: Boundary Oaks: Mira Vista Room

For a Fifty and Fabulous birthday to honor your mom, I am delighted for the opportunity to bring balloon artistry! The color palette that we discussed will be a Peachy, Orange, (may I suggest some Coral), whispers of blue and all under the spot light of Gold and Gold Metallic. It will feminine, flirty and chic as a color palette and an event design.

I propose installing a suspended 12- 15’ Balloon Garland/Cloud above the bar. The bar is a prime spot to hang out and mingle and it’ll show in many of the candid photos. - $275

The Upper Side of the room has a large blank wall. I recently placed a 12’ Balloon Burst on that wall for a photo opportunity. - $240

I propose some individual medium Balloon Bursts on the two center columns that divide the open area between the Upper and Lower sides. I believe there are (2) columns (there may be a third but hard to tell from the videos). These would be in the center of the side facing the Upper and Lower and NOT the sides. I would attach a tassel and long ribbon to give it some presence. $ $45 ea x (4) = $180

(1) Garlands - a 12’ tissue garland for the opening between the Lower Vista and Large Vista to span the columns and hover above the cake. These can be kept for a memory keepsake for your mother or given to guests. They are beautiful over mantels and headboards for home decorating. A freestanding balloon for the WELCOME AND GIFT table top. $66 x 2= $132

I propose Freestanding Balloons with (2) Tassel Tails on table tops at 4’ high and that fills the room visually, but I don’t think you need more than (9) meaning (3) in each section/ possibly (6) if one space is going to be reserved as a dance floor and might not have tables. $55 ea x 6 = $330

Delivery/Installation: $200

Upon approval of a final design plan, I will require a 50% deposit and the balance will be due Friday, November 9th. I am thrilled to be sharing ideas for such a fun reason for celebrating! Please also call with any questions or further thoughts.

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Set up starts between 11 and 5.

Kristtyn will arrive at 12ish and wants it done by 1pm