Fortieth Deposit for Date

Fortieth Deposit for Date


May 10th - 40th Birthday Redwood City This is a deposit to hold the date and will be applied toward the balance.

Below is the orig. proposal that will be modified.

(1) 12 - 15’ Balloon Waterfall for the entrance - $20 - $25 per foot

(1) Kissing Booth with Balloon Waterfall and Touch of Tinsel - $575/ An alternative to the Kissing Booth Copper Structure is to use Beth’s structure in which the charge would be $20 - $25 per foot and 12’ is appropriate.

Giant Freestanding Balloons with (5) tassel tail - $75

Giant Table Top Balloons with (1) Tassel - $55

Delivery/Installation $400 (This is a very rough estimate and depends on what you end up ordering and if it requires a rental truck.

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