Harvest Baby Shower

Harvest Baby Shower


For this Autumn Harvest Baby Shower, working from the floral inspiration you sent, I recommend that we do all of the giant balloons in Gold. The tassels will be in Buttercup Yellow, Parchment, Woodsy Brown, Blush, Coral, Persimmon, Grey and we could add some whisper of Moss Green. It will have gold metallic fringe and be gloriously warm and sophisticated for a baby boy shower. Basically it will mimic the florals.

I propose:

(5) Table Top Giant Balloons- $275 (1) for a Welcome Table (could even be floor standing) (2) flanking the walk way and filling the mid section of the space. And (2) on the back table where the banquette seating is. It will give a sense of completing the space.

(2) Garlands 5’ - $110 (1) for the Welcome Table/Dessert Table Or the 2nd one could decorate that inside window-wall that looks into the kitchen. That would be a fun, festive touch on some usable space.

(2-) $50 Little Balloon Bouquets to Embellish the Curtain Tie Backs could be fun too. I would tie them to face the center of the restaurant so that we don’t need to address front and back side. I believe there are (3) curtains but there might just be (2)

Delivery and Installation: $75

$510 Total.

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