Kentucky Derby Deposit

Kentucky Derby Deposit


Kentucky Derby Party at the Marriotti home, Saturday, May 4th

Color Palette: To be determined: Suggesting Red, Royal, Caribbean Blue, Black, Yellow, but am open to any colors you want to throw in there. (It could be fun to string a banner of hats too. not part of the quote but minimal)

I’m proposing we do way more balloons than the last two! At least 30’ and get lots of color up there to great guests!

(1) 30’ (massive) balloon garland for the entry way. It’ll be a variation of the designs we’ve previously installed. It will be very similar to the Ho Down, but less “m” shaped. More of a drape with sides hanging down much longer mimicking a curtain. (sketch to follow) - $630

(2) small bundles of balloons w/1 horse mylar to mark the turns from the road. - $0

Delivery/Installation: $100

Total: $730

50% Deposit is $365, the remaining balance is due the week of the event $365

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