Kristinas Epic Baby Shower New Deposit

Kristinas Epic Baby Shower New Deposit


Epic Steak House Indoor/Outdoor Patio -

Color Palette: Coral, White, Black & White Marble, ( I propose adding some grey to the balloon palette too as another neutral). And then we can incorporate greenery like the inspo pics.

I propose three main features keeping in mind the space, number of guests and ideas we discussed.

1) Entry Way - I recommend embellishing that big tree with a 6’ - 8’ balloon burst. It seems by the photo that people would be able to see it and be drawn in. The planters closer to the sidewalk have more piercing palm leaves so having balloons over there might be problematic. I have decorated trees quite a bit and it’s super fun! It would also play into the jungly theme of the party. It would be created with a variety of balloon sizes too! $200

2) A feature for the wine wall could be either a balloon waterfall about 12’ similar but much smaller than one I’ll send you through Instagram. $275

3) For the Feature Table with the Giraffe Painting, I propose using my Shadow Frame and suspending a gorgeous Garland on it. One across would be perfectly appropriate and impactful. It will make a fabulous decorative statement/story with the art and ALSO create another instagramable moment/backdrop for selfies. The special bonus is that Kristina can keep it as a keepsake or nursery decoration after the shower. $225

To further mark this special area you can add a Giant Freestanding Balloon - $75

The Cake Table could be a place to put a Giant Table Top Balloon with a Tassel - $45

Also, I propose that whatever cocktail table is in the center of the party should have a Giant Tabletop Balloon to center the space. The other balloons can be moved during the party if there is a gift opening area, etc. $45

Will anything be happening with the fireplaces? I think it would beautiful to add some garland to the one inside (The outside fireplace won’t be as impactful with the huge balloons in the tree.) - $77

If you like all of my ideas then the subtotal is $942 + delivery/installation. I can follow up with some sketches in the morning. I’d love to know your thoughts. I don’t think you need ALL of my suggestions with that amazing view. I do like the idea of having some giant balloons in the indoor area. They are so dynamic and add beautiful sparkle as they twist.

Delivery and Installation-will be at least $225 for crossing the bridge and installation will depend on the package you choose (whether or not I rent a truck or not.) Installation: $125

$1292 , your 50% deposit is $646, Your final balance is due the week of the event and will deduct $200 from your save the date and total $446

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