Madame Clicquot Birthday

Madame Clicquot Birthday


(1) Oversized 15 - 25’ Balloon Garland/Waterfall for the outdoor courtyard fireplace which will be moved the following day for the restaurant. This will serve as the backdrop/focal point of the whole cocktail party event.

The color palette will be the same as the last one I created with the addition of some tangerine/goldenrod.

The whole thing will be installed on site and hung early Saturday morning. Still waiting on measurements.

Flight cost is:$392 round trip / Flight 5742 flying into PSP Palm Springs International Airport / agreed on a $100 a day per deum and that my room/stay will be covered and within the resort. I may be sending my working tools down ahead of time so will also need the exact location to send.

I’ll be flying out on Saturday and should have plenty of time for installation.

Thank you so much!

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