Mayas Sophisticated Bat Mitzvah Proposal

Mayas Sophisticated Bat Mitzvah Proposal


June 22nd, Concord Hilton Ballroom

As per our meeting, I recommend a few details to reflect hospitality and continuity within the space.

Color Palette: All sophisticated neutrals: Blush, White, Silver, Gold, Pale Pink with a light whisper of Black.

Photo/sketches to follow by email/text


(1) WELCOME Feature: This could be my Shadow Frame Backdrop with a Garland and Photo of Maya. If Maya doesn’t like the idea of a photo, there could be just a sign that says “welcome” and one of my garlands can be draped below. It would be stunning and also provide another photo opportunity for guests. I would place (1) Giant Freestanding Balloon next to it to use some of the vertical space available in the ballroom. - $315

(1) Balloon Cloud Feature - $850 - Price is based on 6’ X 6’ context but extended organically and installing.

(1) Kids Table : I think the simpler, the better for Maya. (2) Freestanding Balloons on the tables ALTERNATIVELY these could be on the stage. It will give a cohesive look to the decor design. I would just flank the DJ with them.

Center Pieces. For the tables I recommend just using orbs. Either all (6) Rose Gold OR I think it would be super fun to do (2) rose gold (2) silver and (2) gold. I also suggest altering the hight so that (3) are 6’ and (3) are 4’ just for a youthful whimsy since the palette is SO sophisticated. I say we sprinkle large circle confetti on against the black table cloth with/without candy (candy would be something with a metallic wrapper) and a few balloon pearls. - Table tops would be $50 each. - $300

Upon approval I require a 50% deposit and the balance is due the week of the event.

Delivery Installation: $230

$200 Deposit will save the date and apply to the 50% deposit.

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