Modern Meadowood Wedding Proposal

Modern Meadowood Wedding Proposal


Hi Larina,

Color Palette: modern, crisp, and dramatic black, white and agate (black & white marble) with silver and gold metallic orbs.

Proposal Option 1. “Pitch perfect” $2300

Design Fee: $100

Balloon Art Piece: $1700, It will be symmetrical and tucked under the upper eaves of the roof line. Estimating 20-23’ of balloon garland. It will have varied sizes of balloons, and emphasize the top pitch of the roof with oversized balloons offset at the tip top.

Delivery and Installation: $500 This addresses the “out of area” deliver, truck rental and installation team.

Proposal Option 2: “The Creeping Vine” $2700

Design fee: $100

Balloon Art Piece: $2000 This design will start at the pitch of the roof and drape down and up and over the left corner of the roof and playfully spill over to decorate the left deck area. It will provide multiple photo opportunities. I Estimate the piece to sprawl over 35 - 40’. Varied balloon sizes.

Delivery and Installation. $600

Upon approval of a design, I require a 50% non refundable deposit and the balance is due the week of the wedding. After acquiring dimensions and measurements I may adjust the price (only in your favor) if it is significantly less than I estimated however, I’m usually close with my estimations.

I’m thrilled to be considered for such a monumental day in your love story!

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