Planes Trains and Automobiles

Planes Trains and Automobiles


Sunday, April 7th, Hillsborough

Dining Room: Cloud Trio Feature, $200

I plan to create (3) Clouds utilizing your light fixture as the anchoring point. (Out of curiosity, how tall is your dining room ceiling/10’ ? I’m thinking one 3 - 4’ white cloud for the center/focal point. (2) smaller “puffs” to offset it. One might be above the cloud and one might be below. If it turns out that (3) isn’t working with the fixture, we’ll combine them to make one fabulous balloon hovering over the buffet!

(3) 36'‘ Vintage Red Airplane Balloons - $35

Entry Way- (3) Giant Freestanding Balloon $225

Red, Caribbean Blue, Spring Green- I can either make the tassels checkered black and white flag or we can just make them solid color blocking matching the balloons. This is what we did in the entry way last time, the trio of balloons.

(4) Balloon Bursts for the Driveway Lamps. $60 These will just be bundles of air-filled balloons that we tie around the lights. The color palette of balloons.

(4) Confetti Balloons for the bursts = $45

Delivery $125 /Installation: $200

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