Santa Day Deposit

Santa Day Deposit


50% Deposit for balloon features proposed. The Balance is due the week of the event.

December 8th, Iron Horse Kids pediatric dentist, 11am

Installation 9am, prep for Santa! Woohoo!

Santa Day is going to be spectacular fun for the children and our balloon feature is going to create an exciting backdrop for photos with Santa. I’m so excited!

(1) 15’ Balloon Feature for embellishing my Copper Photo Station $300

Deliver/Installation: $50

Color Palette to be determined, but I’m guessing that there will be lots of red, white and greens with some silver and gold metallic accents. The feature will have various sizes of balloons giving an organic, billowy look that the kids will go nuts over!

Lifted Balloons Total: $350

Additional Feature: I can do a 10’ Balloon Trim for the entry area to Santa and we’ll add $50 to the order, making it $400

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