Slims Rockin Birthday Bash

Slims Rockin Birthday Bash


Hi Maureen,

I propose (2) balloon bundles that can be moved easily around the party. They will each have 40” numbers representing “50” and “40”. Each will have (2) mirrored balloons a medium and a small, a 27” (giant) in red WITH a (5) tassel tail and white fairy lights, and 11” black & white marbles. They will be arranged low to high to visually take the space of a column in order to maximize photo opportunity presence. I propose that they are positioned one each in front of the support beams in the club. If the group stands in the center they would be flanked by these extravagant bundles. Bundles: $120 ea = $240

Delivery: $100 (delivery only/balloons go home with friends)

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