Sugar and Spice Twice Proposal

Sugar and Spice Twice Proposal


Option 1

$700 - (1) 15’ Balloon Waterfall to frame one side of dessert table. It would attach to the sides of the terrace with command hooks or alternative.

Option 2

$1100 - This is also for (1) 15’ Balloon Waterfall cascading though an elegant copper frame structure. The table is wide enough to fit a 6 - 8’ table. It creates a dramatic, showcase feature.

Both options include Delivery/Installation and the Option 2 includes pickup as well. Option 1 does not.

If approved I will send you an invoice for 50% deposit and the balance will be due the week of the event and we’ll move forward.

In addition, as mentioned before I am working feverishly to confirm this date. Thank you so much!


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