Wedding Weekend Welcome Balance

Wedding Weekend Welcome Balance


The final balance of your Balloon Decor includes:

(1) Balloon Cloud suspended above the round hors d’ouvres table,

(1) Balloon Cloud suspended above the additional 6’ table height bar/ OR alternatively, this feature can be attached to the wall as a photo backdrop and to negative space to the right of the bar.

(1) Balloon Garland for the fireplace mantel.

(1) Balloon Garland for the patio

(2) Garlands, one 6’ for the back bar and one 4’ for the front bar.

NOT INCLUDED, but I’m proposing a photo/ INstagrammable moment for guests that includes a single copper frame with a Fringed Wall Hanging suspended inside it. To include this feature in the Design would add $250 to the order. If accepted I will alter the pricing on this invoice to $1130.

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