Wedding Weekend Welcome Proposal

Wedding Weekend Welcome Proposal


Hi Megan!

Thank you for the opportunity to visualize this special event with Lifted Balloon work! I’ve given you a lot of ideas. It’s not a solid quote for your client because I don’t have quantities on the tables or accurate measurements of feature areas, but what I could estimate is included. I will update as I have more information. Please ask me anything, as I’m sure there will be questions.

Color Palette: Blush, White, Gold, Sparkling Burgundy

Proposal Menu:

Bar Features: (1) 12’ Garland the length of the bar $200, (1 SET) of Balloon Waterfalls flanking the bar (12’ ea.) and set back behind $480. The photo on line shows some small art and a projector screen, so I deduct that behind the screen is another piece of art.

Fireplace Feature: (1) Mini Balloon Waterfall Garland for the fireplace mantel $200

Glass Door/Window Feature: (2) Giant Freestanding Balloons w/ (5) tassel garland tails. $65 flanking the exit area to the patio. If it’s too cold to use the patio, then a (third) one would be centered in the door area.

Patio Feature: If forcast includes nice weather and patio might be used, (2) sm/med Balloon Bursts to flank the water feature in an asymmetrical design. $200

Delivery Fee: $300

Installation Fee: Depends on the scope and scale that you choose. I imagine that it will require 3-4 people to squeeze into the short install time. $250

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December 7th, This is a welcoming cocktail party for out of town guests and wedding party. It will be held at the Italian Athletic Club , 1630 Stockton Street, SF. We have a short installation 4 - 5:30 set up time. It will require 2 - 3 people and possible a truck rental.