Zephyr Miranda Lifted Proposal

Zephyr Miranda Lifted Proposal


A classic and adventurous gin mixed with modern fresh balloons is the perfect pairing for events at the Miranda Bar!

For the Miranda Bar “small package” I recommend (3) giant freestanding balloons in various heights in the corner as you suggested. I recommend (3) big black balloons with tails coordinating with the poppy wall (corals, tropical greens, mustards, golds). Alternatively, coral balloons would work well or green- but I think black is chic and reflective of Zephyr branding from what i could gather from the website.

- My feeling is that the garland could get lost on the poppy wall since the print is so BOLD. An alternative would be to place a garland wherever Zephyr is highlighted. Will you have a table? We could do a garland near your table. The garland can be in Zephyr brand colors or compliment the balloons which I prefer- unless we do the balloons in branding colors.

$300 would cover the goods

$50 for delivery

I love the idea of partnering with you for these events! I will send you a proposal for the inspiration picture I sent you for another event there. Of course, i need to take measurements and get permission from the bar for an install of that nature. I am flooded with ideas for how we can maximize your presence in the space and make it different each time in case your audience is regular. We could mix it up and have a lot of fun!

Let me know if this is something that works. I will follow this up with a proposal for the above the bar feature for a future event! Cheers!

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