Cal Berkeley Grad

Cal Berkeley Grad


I plan to elevate the atmosphere with a simple package of features to dress up an already warm and welcoming home party. Although I am flooded with fun ideas, to honor the budget I've edited it down to these items. The color palette will be blue and yellow/gold, Bear's colors of course with lots of gold metallic fringe.

(1) 4' garland to drape the fireplace. 

(1) Med Balloon Burst for the corner of the family room. The corner where the fireplace wall, outside wall and ceiling meet. It'll draw the eye up and connect the kitchen balloons...

(1) Small Balloon Burst to address the food service station/bar in the kitchen. Guests will see it almost immediately as they walk in and it will lead them to the hub of the party.

(1) Balloon Letter Feature for the larger living area/ kids hub. It will fill the back wall space connecting the living and dining area. 40" (jumbo) letters will spell C - A - L and letters will be surrounded with 11" balloons to give them more presence. These will be on weights so that the kids can move them around to create a fun "selfie station" wherever the choose or lighting is best. 

(1) Giant balloon that can be moved throughout. I suggest if it's not breezy, the front porch for about an hour. I can be moved into the either of the living rooms or even outside if the kids decide to hang out there more than the living room. Of course the letters could be moved outside as well. 

Installation will be Friday May 11 or Saturday May 12 (morning)


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