Proposal Elegant Photo Station

Proposal Elegant Photo Station


Hi Erin,

I propose using my custom copper frame that is 10’ wide and 7’ tall with open sides.

Silk and Chiffon Ribbon in UCLA colors will be attached and run the length and touching the floor or hovering slightly above. The ribbon will extend a little more that 6’ across which is ample for a few friends to pose in front of. I will incorporate some tassels to tie it in to the rest of the features.

It requires more installation cost. The bulk of the quote lies in the ribbon. I’ve sourced lovely ribbon that will coordinate beautifully with tassels.

The copper frame would allow for additional accessories that the client might like to add such as, banners, flowers, even lights. I will send you a photo of what the copper frame looks like.

Thank you for offering me the joy of creating something brand new, that may be available soon.

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