The Kings Elegant Holiday

The Kings Elegant Holiday

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Laura! Thank you so much for choosing me! I really find it an honor to do anything for you and Dave that you find special! I want to confirm that the swags for the windows are something you currently own! I included them and the white lights in our sketch because I wanted us to see it all together.-

COLOR PALETTE: A quite, elegant weave of Winter White, Gold, and all dazzling golden fabrics to speak "Glamorous Jewelry".

(4) 5' garland in neutral gold sparkle to address the front windows = $280 

(1) 5' garland to address the front desk = $70

(1) a mini coordinated garland for the pencil tree - $95  I will make it 6' long, and I anticipate that it will be a bit more time consuming going small scale.

Total with 15% discount +$378




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