Tiffany Inspired Balloon Set

Tiffany Inspired Balloon Set


(2) giant balloons ( caribbean blue) with 5 custom Tiffany&Co inspired (caribbean blue is the primary, vanilla secondary and hits of black) hand painted tissues in gold metallic.  The gold on these tissue colors is fabulous! Silver and gold (mixed metallic fringe will be threaded in with the silver being the prime.) They will be GORGEOUS and GLAMOROUS just like Tiffany's boxes filled with jewelry! Silver weights will be attached. They will be tied off to the weights with extra length in case you want to have the balloons hover higher. Balloons last 4 days in peak condition and soften over the course of 4 - 8 days depending on atmospheric conditions and heat!

(2) giant balloons x $75 = $150

(1) delivery = $60

Miss Grace Ingebretson, 4490 Glidden Way, Fremont AT 11:00, Friday 6/18

Sub total $210 

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