Wedding Glam for Glor

Wedding Glam for Glor


To be shipped:

(1) Giant white balloon (to be inflated locally,) with a 5 tassel tale ($42). The color palette, as approved, is mostly creamy white with pops of dark pink and honeysuckle AND whispers of light pink and cool grey. Tassels will have gold metallic fringe dripping down. It will be a lovely addition to your wedding day and after the wedding, the garland will detach to make a nice short garland or swag for your home. I can't wait to see your wedding pics and what creative things you do with the garland after the party!

Shipping to ($15):

Glor Anwanwan

116 Farmington Lane

Sterling, VA 20164

I'm so excited to be a part of your magical day! I'm so glad that Instagram and Rising Tide brought us together. You are an inspiration and a delight to follow! I'm so grateful that you're a blogger because I'm sure to see pics of the balloon in the best possible light! You're amazing and I wish you the Happiest of Wedding Days and a Beautiful Marriage!


Nicole Gilmore

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