Each balloon waterfall is a work of art.

Balloon Waterfalls are balloon structures that spilled out of Heaven and landed in the laps of Balloon Stylists! Well, I'm not sure that they originated in Heaven but they definitely are "out of this world!" They are large installations of connected balloons in varying sizes that appear to cascade down over each other. They are visually exhilarating, massive, impressive, imaginative and sensational! They appear to spill out from architecture and produce high impact, dramatic focal points for your most spectacular events. Each one is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. They are often referred to as "Balloon Garland" due to the application of draping like fabric over architectural openings, ceremony platforms or hovering like clouds above party tables. Sometimes they are called "Balloon Arches" although "Balloon Art Forms" would be more appropriate because they can be sculpted into modern, avant garde shapes. Contact me if you are interested in a Balloon Waterfall and I will prepare a proposal.

Balloon Waterfalls are priced per yard + delivery & installation.

Pictured above starts at $650