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How long does a giant balloon last?

Four to six days in peak condition. Clients have experienced them lasting a full week sometimes for a full week.

Do you sell small balloons or novelty shapes? 

I can do any balloon that you are interested in with ample lead time ( 7 - 14 days ), so, yes! However, I do not stock these items. 

Why isn't there standard pricing?

Every order is custom and with the addition of fabrics, which vary significantly in cost, I can not set a price reflective of all orders. Also, balloon waterfalls are so unique, varying dramatically with sizes and quantities of balloons required to create them, I can not set prices. 

How do I know how many feet of garland to order?

I can help you determine that with a simple chat. Four - five feet are the most popular for most applications.

Do you ship?

Yes! The giant balloons ship flat. See ordering options. 

I saw something on your Instagram that I'm interested in. How do I order that?

Simple! Contact me and send me the picture. I will recreate a very close replica, customized for you, depending on availability of textiles. Also, if you see something on my Instagram and it interests you, just let me know. 

I've never ordered a custom balloon, what is the process?

When you click on "contact me" or "customize my balloon", you are simply opening up a conversation. Typically clients say that they are having an event and they are interested in a certain product. I ask detailed questions, determine if the date is available, and often the client will text me photo inspirations. I offer a quote and when it's accepted, with payment, I get to work. It's simple and fun!


Have a question not answered here? We're more than happy to help! Us the Contact form or send me a direct email. We'll get you a speedy reply. 




Every order is custom and one of a kind.

Balloons require a 7-day lead-time.

Balloons, like flowers and cakes, are delicate and have a life span. Lifted Balloons boast peak beauty for two days and can be enjoyed, as they gently relax for 4 days up to a week. 

Lifted Balloon tails are also fragile, made with tissue paper, they are subject to the elements. When treated gently, they can be used as gorgeous garland for any room in your home. They are easily stored draped over a hanger and will last forever. 

Lifted Balloons are not toys and should be kept away from small unsupervised children. Please avoid trees, ceiling fans, hot lights and prickly surfaces! The tails should be kept away from heat sources, tissue paper is not fire resistant. 

Ordering Options:

  • FREE local delivery within a 7 mile radius of Martinez; balloons will be helium inflated.
  • Consultations are required for any deliveries of 4 or more balloons. 
  • Shipping nationwide; balloons will be un-inflated. Simply take them to your local party store for helium inflation. Prices vary widely between stores; expect to pay between $8-$25 per balloon. 

About Helium:

Helium is a natural element, derived from natural gas and therefore subject to availability and fluctuating prices. It is not only used for party balloons, but also extensively in medicine, science and in the barcode checkout at your local store! Helium was named after the Greek sun god, Helios, because it omits a red-orange glow when placed in a high-voltage electrical field. 



Lifted Balloons Garland will last forever with a few simple tips.

Store by hanging with a pant hanger or draped over a dress hanger. Gently finesse fly away pieces so that all fringe lays straight and keep in a dry closet with a little space around it. That's it! OR store it, the best way, by DISPLAY! Avoid moisture and expect a lovely, even fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Give it a light, very gentle feather dusting (downward strokes) periodically.