Today is the day that Lifted Balloons is officially OPEN! Please come in and browse our luxury balloons with hand painted tails/garland and explore how we can help you elevate the atmosphere of your next special event! I am absolutely inflated with joy! The website is now open, this blog is up, a facebook page is happening and you can find us on Pinterest. People have been asking how they can get a Lifted Balloon and now it's easy! You can shop for your custom luxury balloon at, watch for new products, see what we've been up to, be inspired for your next celebration and also SHARE with friends! Also, you can sign up to receive the Lifted Balloon newsletter for exclusive invitations, promotions, and special announcements.

So thank you for celebrating with me today! I am so excited to share Lifted Balloons with you and equally thrilled to thank a few people! 

First I must lavish some praise on the lovely Kim Saquing of Passion Project|HQ for designing and building my branding, website, business cards and much, much more. If you are starting a business or rebranding a current one then call her. She is fabulous! She completely understood my vision! In addition, she was easy to work with, fast, focused, and understood ME! 

 Also, I thank my family for being such rockstar fans, supporters and marketers for Lifted Balloons. I also want to thank my committed friends (you know who you are) who Believe and stood by me in all my creative endeavors which led up to this. You are the love in "lifted"!