An Enchanting Princess Party Proposal

An Enchanting Princess Party Proposal

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For an enchanting magical fairy party, a palette of pastels and mixed metallic sparkle. Pinks, lilacs, whispers of fairy blues and pastel marble. It will be dreamy!

Text photos will be sent when design/construction begin for approval.

Freestanding 30” Balloons: $550

(5) to feature near the trampoline

(1) by front door

(3) for entry staircase/gift area

(1) patio table outside dining room

Garlands: $154

(2) Front door 2 1/2’ garlands

(1) 4’ for the armoir in the dining room.

(1) 5’ garlands to adorn dessert table

Additional Balloon Features:$450

(1) 4’ Balloon Burst for the magical hanging bamboo chair-

(4) 11” bundles to tie to the brick columns that flank the driveway exits/entrances

(1) 8’ balloon “cascade” for a photo backdrop behind the cake

Balloon Pearls for dining room light fixture

(1) Design/ Delivery and Installation: $250

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