Claremont Wedding Deposit

Claremont Wedding Deposit


I plan to elevate the atmosphere for Stephanie Mazzoncini with a stunning balloon waterfall that is likely 25' long to fill the expansive space and create an elegant and modern backdrop for a seating area/guest photo station. The color palette will be pearl whites, blush, metallics, and wedding neutrals, much like the Anthro feature that Stephanie referred to. 

Stephanie requested that the waterfall incorporate a floral embellishment. This quote does not include the pricing of adding fresh, seasonal floral to the feature. If adding, I may request to contact the floral designer and collaborate. It will add at least $250 to my quote as it requires additional design time with floral designer. - I can not quote what the floral designer would charge for supplies and design, my best guess would be $750 +. As a stylist, I would encourage everyone that the balloons are gorgeous enough without the extra embellishment. Sometimes what we see as inspiration on Instagram/Pinterest doesn't translate the same in real life when you see everything working together in one composition. My point of view is that balloons create a drama that can replace florals for impact and /or stand up to them in style and taste as a compliment. I think for stretching the dollar it's better to use them in different features to highlight the best of both.

The feature itself will be $1150 leaving $350 for delivery and install. 

Delivery and Install will include a site visit, install and take down on day of. 

I will require a 50% deposit. The remainder will be due the day of install. 

Another note: I may be able to create the waterfall for less if upon site visit I find the installation to be simple. If there are no restrictions, I will adjust the final balance. If we need to employ my copper frame- I may adjust the final balance as well. 

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