Cuban Cabana Party Proposal

Cuban Cabana Party Proposal


The color palette for this party is inspired by the invitation: I would use Lime Green mixed with a variety of leafy green tones, Mandarin Orange, Harvest Gold, Parchment and Creamy Whites. The sparkle will come from gold metallic fringe.

For a Cuban Cocktail and Dance Party, I propose utilizing my custom hand painted garland for a colorful and elegant party look. Iā€™m very excited that there are sun umbrellas! I propose hanging some garland from the inside center of the umbrellas to mimic chandeliers. This treatment would be beautiful and a simple proposal for the party. ($44 each, guestimating at least 7 umbrellas = $308)

(1) Giant Freestanding Balloon at the front entry of the party. $65

(1) Giant Table Top Balloon for the Cabana - $65

(3) Giant Freestanding Balloons in the Family Room ($195)

Pool Balloons: (5) Balloons (no tassels), (3) resting on the surface of the water and (2) hovering a few feet above the water. ($40 each = $200)

Delivery/Installation Fee: $75



(7) Garland Chandeliers: $308

(2) 6ā€™ Garlands - buffet & bar:

(4) Giant Freestanding Balloons with Tassel Tails

(5) Giant Pool Balloons (no tassels)

Delivery/Installation: $125 (to include truck rental)

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