Double Happiness New Proposal

Double Happiness New Proposal


New Quote: Starts at $860 + tax

Double Happiness: $375 (1) Balloon Waterfall. The first feature is a balloon installation that is attached to a Double Happiness backdrop being constructed by Gussy Up Decor (or other vendor). The Balloon Waterfall will cascade from top to bottom and there will be an additional base piece to act as a “frame” for photos. It will be SPECTACULAR!!! It will have various size balloons mainly red and white and accents of gold metallic orbz. Since my initial quote, I have learned the dimensions of the backdrop which is considerably smaller than I thought, so the price is reflected here.

Grand Entrance: Starts at $110 but can be avoided by moving balloons. I recommend freestanding balloons for this feature since the venue does not allow attaching balloons to walls. (2) 27” ballloons flanking the doors on the interior would be perfectly appropriate. $55 ea. Alternatively, you can add drama by adding balloons at different hieghts, to create an impression of an archway. Sketches to follow. Given the drama of the backdrop, paired with the Modern Simplicity, I think that two are perfectly appropriate! This doesn’t need to be an extra charge as the Welcome Table balloons can be moved to this area.

Welcome Area: $200 New proposal for this area, now that I’ve seen the marble table is: (2) freestanding balloons at $55 ea. I would place one on top of the table for high visibility and interest. I’d place one on the floor next to it. (1) Garland for the front of the table with LOTS of shimmer! The tassels are adjustable and I propose arranging the tassels in an asymmetrical, interesting way. $75 (5- 7) Balloon Mini Pearls to embellish a floral arrangement.

Delivery/ Installation: $175

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