Introducing Darphin

Introducing Darphin


(3) giant white balloons wtih one tassel in Dalphin signature minty-blue, a whisper of black and metallic gold fringe.

(1) 10' garland to use as a swag over antique mirror in cosmetic department. 

To be delivered between 8 & 9 am Saturday, July 29th. 

Sketch to follow, but I see (2) of the giant balloons flanking the giant antique mirror which will display the garlnad. The third balloon will set table top and center of the main Darphin merchandise table. The standing balloons will hover between 6 & 7' high so they can be seen in photos. The table top balloon will match the height or maybe a bit taller. We'll make sure it doesn't block the view of the garland at installation.

Thank you for the opportunity to elevate the atmosphere of a beautiful event.



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