One Sweet Farmyard Party

One Sweet Farmyard Party

120.00 200.00

Happy First Birthday!

(1) Garland in party decor colors- main palette is pearl pink, rose pink, black & white, with some whispers of complimentary colors tiffany blue, yellow, and lime green. $55 regular price

(1) 5’ - 6’ Balloon Burst - sculptural piece for a photo back drop - same palette, maybe omitting the complimentary colors- your choice. I will try to find good quality cow print balloons. $125 regular price

(1) delivery install fee- $20 - Deliver to 1035 Castle Rock Rd, Walnut Creek, time to be determined

So it’s a value of $200 for $120. I readjusted considering I misunderstood your order the first time. Also if people are interested at the party, then you have a reference point. I’m so excited to make these! I want to start right now.

I am so excited to create this for your daughter’s first birthday! First birthdays are so special and so much fun!


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