Revised Lake Merritt Engagement Party Quote

Revised Lake Merritt Engagement Party Quote


Tiffany and Patrick’s Engagement Party- March 10, Lake Merritt Sailboat House, Oakland

Color Palette: creamy white, with all greens and blues, navy, sage sparingly sprinkled throughouh, also used sparingly a touch of pearly gold. No metallics! 

Items: (1) Large Balloon WATERFALL: This will be an organic shape to visually fit a 12’ center focal point behind the buffet. Meaning composition wise, it will likely be 12' wide and 4’ tall in the center fullest section. It will be an organic, sculpture-like WAVE shape (LIKE PHOTO SENT) that will fill the space with fantastic impact! (The walls and ceilings are a bit busy with a low, exposed ceiling and off center video screen.) The Balloon WATERFALL will not compete and create a strong backdrop. $425


(2) Free Standing Balloons to flank this sculptural piece. You can choose the color of the balloons. I recommend white or blue based on your color palette. The tail will incorporate all the colors on your mood board. I can create it in an ombre effect or just sprinkle the colors throughout, weaving the blues quietly into a bed of blush and creamy white. Gold metallic fringe. Either way, the tails will be identical! $55 EACH


(1) Installation and Delivery: $100 I believe this will be a very simple installation and I’m only charging because it will require my husband bringing a 2nd car to fit all the balloons. I can't wait to see it all come together!

TERMS: I require a 50% deposit upon approval = $317.50

The balance is due March 9th or 10th = $317.50

Upon approval I will send a link with the deposit price.

Thank you!


Total: $635


Terms: I require a 50% deposit when design is approved. The balance will be due March 10th.  





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