luxury balloons for glamorous wedding decor

Luxury balloons are a genius wedding decor idea to elevate the atmosphere with a little glamour! Recently I had the joy of creating two luxury, giant balloons for my niece’s wedding reception.

She chose blush balloons with 7’ tails. I was giddy over the color palette: blush and charcoal, which are gorgeous with gold metallic paint. I feathered in the colors and added the jeweled gold tassels that I’m obsessed with lately. I also added some cream and silvery tulle with a touch of sparkle as a nod to the wedding veil. I finished the look with a few blush rosettes staggered through the custom hand painted tails.


Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kline

The beautiful couple enjoying a dance in the company of a luxury balloon.

Actually, I was overjoyed! My niece Carrie is a doll! She was born when Jon & I began dating, her middle name is Nicole, and my daughter looks more like her twin than a cousin. It was an honor to do some balloon styling for her magical wedding day.

Falling in love with the materials.

Falling in love with the materials.


rosette embellishment

It's all about the details.

We staged the balloons behind the head table and flanked the large screen, creating lovely symmetry with the head table. The venue needed the girth of the balloons to fill and soften the space.

Setting the Stage   

Setting the Stage


All of the tassels on the handmade tails are adjustable, a feature I am proud of.  We styled them behind the head tables which meant that the bottom length of the tails were hidden. I was able to slide all the tassels up high in the sight line. It created a much fuller waterfall effect that was gorgeous and elegant! Blush up-lighting was added, illuminating all the sparkle as they gently twirled.




Also, because the tassels are adjustable, Carrie can use the tails as garland in her new home for a personal and memorable home decor. She can combine the tassels from both tails onto one to create a longer garland or a fuller one-another reason that I love adjustable tassels!

Save the tails for gorgeous garland to decorate with. The tails are simple to remove from the balloons and with gentle care they will last forever!   

Save the tails for gorgeous garland to decorate with. The tails are simple to remove from the balloons and with gentle care they will last forever!


Just for fun I made a little balloon bouquet to tie onto the 1965 Malibu Sport getaway car that my husband would be chauffeuring them in. After I made the bouquet I discovered not one spot on the vintage car had an opening that I could attach it too. I opted to set it right on top so that they would see it immediately as they approached the car. This was the best pic I could get in the day light.


the getaway

cheers to a fabulous honeymoon

I was thrilled that all of my family loved their Lifted Balloons creations, especially the new Mrs. Kline!

Congratulations Carrie and Zac!