Balloons and blooms, Coming Soon

Balloons and Blooms is a terrific birthday party idea for a casual Coffee Shop party. 


Balloons and Blooms

Lifted Balloons has a new way to elevate the atmosphere.

A girlfriend from church texted me that one of their friends from small group was having a birthday and they hoped to buy a Lifted Balloon for her! After a conversation about the party agenda I quickly determined that a giant balloon would not be optimal. Their plan included a vigorous walk around the Lafayette Reservoir with about six babies in strollers, followed by a light brunch at the newest Coffee Shop down the street.  The small group really wanted to support my new business, so I came up with a party decoration idea/ birthday gift idea that I knew would work. I recommended something small and festive with flowers and mini balloon pearls that are ridiculously adorable- a little balloon styling and a little floral styling. It would make a festive floral centerpiece on the picnic table and our birthday girl would have a spectacular gift to take home and enjoy!



So with a deep breath and a little prayer-I'd never made one before- I got busy! I wanted it to be "nothing-but-the-best" because the birthday girl is a beautiful friend of mine too. She is a regal, strong woman with a contagious smile and generosity. I love her and I wanted her to feel loved and honored with this arrangement as well as be a birthday gift the girls would enjoy giving. 


Balloons and Blooms

A new, unique, and fun way to elevate the atmosphere!

I created this! It was a hit! A medium size, balloon flower centerpiece, with Lifted Balloon hand painted tassels and all! It turns out that sometimes mini balloons are all you need to elevate the atmosphere. For this casual party, a giant balloon would have been fussy to carry around the reservoir and the birthday drives a sassy little sports car, so how would she get it home? The Balloons and Bloom idea really was the ideal birthday gift and party decoration idea. 

Sweet and festive.

Sweet and festive.

As the birthday girl and her daughter approached Coffee Shop she saw the Balloons and Blooms flower arrangement before she spotted me. She said, "Oh! Someone else must be having a birthday party too! Look how cute that is! I have got to find out where they got that!" Later that day she texted me to say that as she was loading it into her car, a local antique shop owner was driving by and stopped in the middle of the road to ask her where she got it! This feedback has inspired me to offer Balloons and Blooms as part of the product line of Lifted Balloons.


Yes, Please!

Balloons and Blooms makes a fabulous statement!

I LOVE my job!