Lifted Balloons, event styling in Klamath Falls

 I offer my services of event styling for my Lifted Balloons' clients, just as I always have for friends like Jeanine, who summoned me for a large dinner party event. Luxury balloons elevate the atmosphere, but some venues have plenty of atmosphere, like the spectacular view of Klamath Lake from this spacious jewel box of a great room. Contact me for a consultation if you'd like me to "sprinkle magic" at your next dinner party, celebration or special event. I was thrilled to lend a hand at this private dinner party for 31 guests from all over the world, in a gorgeous lake view home. "Now, do what you do and make it look pretty," Jeanine said which is music to my ears and much similar to what most of my clients say during a project. I love it!


Event Styling

Lifted Balloons will travel.

This event was super special because I had the joy of working with two long-time close friends and my husband!

My friend Jeanine is an extraordinary hostess, bash thrower and gracious, accommodating, exceptional cook. She is meticulously organized and well seasoned at party planning and hosting, but what makes her so successful is knowing when and who to call for help. She and I brainstormed a menu for a "glamorous summer grill out," which would include gluten free, grain free, vegan, vegetarian, dairy free- basically something for everyone! We showcased fresh, locally sourced food - even the flowers and wine were local!


Food Styling

fresh . local. beautiful.

I had a blast arranging gorgeous flowers from Floranthropy in Redding, California.  This charming floral studio gave me a great "cheat", meaning Jeanine ordered a gorgeous studio designed centerpiece for the hors d'ouvres table. They also provided me with a giant bucket stuffed with blooms to create smaller, complimentary arrangements for dining tables and food stations. They lent a " wild, just-picked " vibe to the space and looked cheerful and happy in a collection of Jeanine's vintage milk bottles and colored glass. My event styling is the same as my party styling, food styling, and interior decorating: less-is-more! If you follow this blog, you know that my style is informed by hospitality. Guests aren't impressed if the decorations block their view, their walking path, or overwhelm a space. I like to choose a few things to tell the story. In this space, for this event, styling was all about the view, the flowers and the fresh, local, home cooked food! Oh and a great mucic playlist! I am a big believer is using what you have. Jeanine's glass ware was gorgeous and we used it ALL thoughtfully and beautifully. The beautiful Farmers Market apples and cheeses were showcased and became party styling decor. I love using food as the style elements. They need little finessing when they are full of color, texture, variation and beauty!


Floral Styling

Blooms can elevate the atmosphere too!

A small bundle of blooms in the powder room. 

A small bundle of blooms in the powder room. 

The three of us performed like expert caterers, but unlike most caterers, we had the luxury of sitting at the table and enjoying the food with the guests. Each one of them graciously thanked us over and over again for our exceptional food and lovely hospitality. 

Tip! Hearty make ahead salads and baked potato bar make simple and satisfying dishes for large parties. 

Tip! Hearty make ahead salads and baked potato bar make simple and satisfying dishes for large parties. 

This dinner party was a professional event marking an exciting transition in their company's development. Jeanine had a clear vision to open her home, cook for the colleagues and treat them like family. She did not want a catered, formal ,fussy feeling evening. Her plan was  to glam up and dazzle in a relaxed inviting way.  I got it!

appetizer table

appetizer table