Nothing says “PARTY” like balloons.

Giant balloons with hand painted tails are the perfect expression of party style and party inspiration. Giant balloons elevate the atmosphere of every special occasion they grace. Balloons inspire joy! As I open the doors of Lifted Balloons and offer luxury balloons and event styling to the world, I've spent time to reflect on the language of giant balloons and why they speak so much to me. At this stage of life, having raised children about to launch their lives, I've had to breath deep, hang on for the ride and watch my kids soar. Likewise, I've had many "babies"/business ideas that either because of timing or timidity, I've watched them succeed in other hands. Giant balloons sing a song of what is possible because when they are filled up, they are empowered to expand, rise, be noticed, admired and they influence the atmosphere greatly. That's the message that is filling my soul as I newly embark on designing luxury balloon for the San Francisco East Bay.

This is my daughter in our backyard holding one of my very first balloon creations. That balloon was an inspiration to the start of creating Lifted Balloons!

The whole atmosphere of a room changes when balloons are hovering about.

I love balloons! I love designing them. I love delivering them. When I arrive at an event with Lifted Balloons I am showered with smiles from people of all ages. Giant balloons radiate celebration, cheer, joy, fun and happiness!


Lifted Balloons are not your ordinary balloons. They are giant 3’ luxury balloons with hand crafted elegant tails. Lifted Balloons is about creating unforgettable moments! Each one will grace your event with elegance, glamour, and drama. 

Nicole GilmoreComment