Giant balloons and art!

Lifted Balloons, three to be exact, were the only party décor. Giant balloons with hand painted metallics in icy cool blues were perfect for a home celebration honoring Tom Matousek, the newest member of the Disney Fine Art family. If you’re not familiar with his work, treat yourself to a visit through his page at Disney Fine Art and click on the area that reads “Introducing Tom Matousek”. His work is absolutely stunning, exciting and fresh! Make sure to see the section “originals” as well. You’ll want them all!

    It was an intimate outdoor celebration on the patio with family and close friends. I was given carte blanche to create so i pulled the color palette from his painting “Oswald”. Icy blue greens, silver, creamy white and pops of midnight green were a soft and peaceful palette under giant pearl white balloons. The tails were tied with gold, sheer, organza ribbon and varied in length. 


    It was a balmy summer night and the balloons were unruly at times, making me work hard for my photos. A great feature of Lifted Balloons is how they can be moved with great ease. Even with the wind factor, guests enjoyed posing for pictures with the giant balloons. If you're looking for fun dynamic photo booth ideas then Lifted Balloons are second to none. My favorite photo came the following day when I received a picture of my client's 10 year old son sitting on the sofa, playing a video game, with the giant balloon right by his side like a new friend. It was a texted to me with the caption “He takes the balloon everywhere with him!”