Giant Balloon tea PARTY

A giant balloon in raspberry pink for a little girls birthday party. If you are looking for birthday party inspiration, then stop the search because this seven year old is serving up a very pretty Pink Puppy Tea Party! Whoa! Can you think of anything more fun?! 



 What thrills me about this party as a stylist, although I did not style this one, is that it was simple! Mom and Grandma are both creative and talented women that know “less is more!” We often shop magazines and social media for inspiration when throwing a party. I see so many images of parties because I’m in the business and I find many of them exhausting to look at. One or two creative ideas are enough! Design with hospitality as the focal point and don’t overwhelm guests with too much to look at or do. 


This smart mom let her birthday girl, Vivi, decide the theme. Since the Vivi loves dogs and a good spot of tea, they had a tea party and invited guests to bring a stuffed puppy with them. A few special treats, a few things to do, and plenty of time to play! Perfection!


I enjoyed bringing Lifted Balloons to the party. I styled the custom tail in rose and raspberry pinks, with gold sparkle ribbon, hand painted metallics and youthful joy. I always walk into a wall of smiles when I’m delivering a balloon! One is always enough for a home party! It can be moved to different activities, guests can pose with it, it’s a fabulous conversation piece and when the party is over the tail transforms into festive wall décor! That's a great party idea!