Every Order Custom

"Every Order Custom" means that I will thoughtfully create any kind balloon styling, garland, balloon waterfall or event styling service you can dream up. My custom balloon tassels are hand painted with gold metallic (or metallics of your choice), and embellished with anything to support your special event vision or party theme.

Oh the enchantment of the design process! My clients are so inspiring. I love every one of them. Often my clients will text me photos of a color palette, a Pinterest clip, a movie clip, a seed packet, or even an outfit and I customize a look for their event. However, sometimes a client might say, I want to have a Par Kour event and there isn't any point of reference, because it hasn't been done yet. The image above was me playing around with textiles and falling in love with possibilities. In this case, I used some hardware, chains in varying weights, to create a young, edgy and urban vibe to the custom tails. Although the client opted for a softer look, omitting the chains, the pics I posted on Instagram were a big hit! In fact, those chains did make it on a custom birthday balloon but in a completely elegant way! It's kind of like life sometimes, it's not always about the destination, but the beauty is in the process. Also, hang on to those ideas that excite you, because there is opportunity for them in the right timing! 

I fell in love with balloon styling idea.   

I fell in love with balloon styling idea.


In this next photo, I whipped up some balloon styling with silver metallics, light grey and charcoal tissue tassels. In addition to the chains, silver metallic fringe, and hand painted silver metallic tail/garland-is the experimental balloon light! Balloon lights are a great way to embellish a giant, luxury balloon! Another party tip is to do what I did below when event styling, and create a mock up. We discovered that the red balloon light was too small and cast a pink glow which was no the look we wanted for a bar mitzvah palette of red and grey. Eventually, we evolved into using white fairy lights on the custom tail/garland, which was just right. 


Below, you can see a close up of our balloon styling mock up. You know, when you see an event styled to perfection, or glorious, addicting Pinterest ideas, you are not seeing hours of vision casting, choosing materials, mock ups, bloopers or failures. I'm enjoying showing you a little window into what balloon styling and event styling is like. The red glow of the balloon light and the chain draping down from the balloon is gorgeous! It may not have suited our client but the ideas are locked down and as I've mentioned before, they will reemerge when the timing is right!