Veteran's Day Giant, Royal-Blue, Luxury Balloon

A giant, royal blue, luxury balloon hit the mark for a glorious Veteran's Day Assembly.

What an honor! I was asked to create a balloon for a special school assembly hosted by Berean Christian High School. My client fashioned a beautiful hospitality table with breakfast treats and coffee. She wanted a Lifted Balloon- giant, luxury balloon to lavish the veterans with praise and honor. It was my joy to participate. I cried during the whole assembly and marveled at the amazing quilts presented to the brave men who received them. 

As mentioned, we decided that a giant, royal blue, luxury balloon would coordinate the best in the school gym that is painted blue and gold. For the tassels on the custom, hand painted tissue tail/garland, I chose to let the bright red tissue shine, threading in a little creamy white and royal blue. To showcase this custom garland I went heavy handed with the gold metallic fringe! It really was spectacular as it spun softly under the spot lights of the assembly.


It's very important when custom ordering a giant balloon, and selecting a color palette that you consider thoughtfully the space and room decor that it will live in. For patriotic party ideas red sometimes needs only to be an energetic accent color, especially in a busy background like the one in this gymnasium. When we say " elevate the atmosphere ", this is what we're talking about right here!

The giant, royal blue, luxury balloon hovers like fireworks above a sweet spread.

The giant, royal blue, luxury balloon hovers like fireworks above a sweet spread.

This blog post would be amiss without a photo of the guests enjoying the yummy treats that are showcased under this fantastic giant balloon in red, white and blue. It is hovering about the sweets and treats like a burst of fireworks! If you are looking for patriotic party ideas then look no further. Lifted Balloons are a party decor gift for Fourth of July parties, Memorial Day presentations, Veteran's Day assemblies, summer picnics, and parades.