Hand painted garland is trending in home decor and party styling for Lifted Balloons' clients this year.

Tissue tassels hand painted with gold metallics, or mixed metallics, seem to be flying out of the studio!

I love this home decor trend for so many reasons. Here is a list, in no particular order. It's visual impact is beautiful-soft, airy, and light. It's festive and cheerful, even in the most serious dramatic color palettes.

Garland is versatile. By simply adding a custom hand made garland in your accent colors, you can change the entire look of a room, without much effort or expense. They could not be easier to hang! Indoors, one only needs a couple of clear command hooks and a slip knot on each end of the garland. That's it. Slip those knots over the hooks, finesse the fringe and you're done! They are simple to hang, to move and even to restyle. Our Lifted Balloon's custom garland is inexpensive. When you consider the spacial impact of one garland in the expanse of a focal wall/or interior space, compared to most design elements, it's pretty amazing. AND, no need to poke holes in your walls!

This above photo just blew me away! Actually, this was my first client to ever request custom garland that wasn't attached to a giant, luxury balloon! It's the perfect example of the versatility of Lifted Balloons offerings. She ordered the garland for her niece's bridal shower and used one to trim the dessert bar and one to party style the drink station. I suggested that when she had recovered from the celebrating, thinking it could be several days, that she should see how pretty the custom garland looked on the fireplace mantel. Within an hour or two, she sent me this GORGEOUS picture! As far as I know, it may still be there!



I have several styling ideas that excite me.

Custom garland gives presence to a beautiful desk, like in the charming Lace & Bustle bridal salon in Lafayette, CA. It creates atmosphere for a lovely bridal in-store event!



Another fun way to use festive garland is as valance over windows.

I love the sound and the airy look of them when a breeze brushes through the tassels.

The fringe moves with the breeze like leaves on a tree and they make the most beautiful soft, wispy sounds. As previously mentioned, above a bed is wonderful interior application. It can be dramatic, romantic, sexy and/or all of the above. Especially when treated with sheer, dazzling fabrics. It's still lightweight and where I live, in California earthquake country, having a garland drop on me as opposed to a heavy mirror or art piece seems like the smartest decorating choice. 


A custom garland hovering over the dinner table will make every meal feel like a special occasion.

I absolutely love it

Although this photo features a custom garland hanging above a handsome dining table for an intimate birthday brunch, I love the idea as a permanent styling idea. Why not? If you have a rustic beam like this, a lower ceiling or you just want to add some visual interest, then this is a fantastic idea. I absolutely love it. 



Calli asked me to make her some hand painted custom garland for her seventeenth birthday.

I was so flattered of course that I made her two!

Here I taped the string to an embroidery hoop to mimmic the look of a pendant light fixture. I thought that in our tiny little kitchen with about 15 of her close friends that a giant, luxury balloon would be a bit much. I also didn't want 15 teenagers fighting over the helium. For a fun alternative I thought the custom garland as a make shift light fixture would be super fun and girly. Everyone loved it and I just added some extra touches to the party like mini pearl balloons and scattered photos & flowers. The lamp inspired me to consider actual light fixture decor, baby mobiles and small 70's inspired pieces. You'll have to track with me and see what we come up with!