Balloon Waterfalls Elevate the Atmosphere


Balloon Waterfalls Elevate the Atmosphere

Balloon Waterfalls elevate the atmosphere in marble, black, gold, silver, and mini pearl balloons. This party idea is stunning and brought a stately, modern, explosive and presidential impact to a very special event! This party inspiration started when Calli, my daughter, was studying the election process with her Civic's class. Her tutor decided to add some real muscle to the material by having a class election, followed by a an inauguration ceremony to swear in the winners, and to put the icing-on-the-cake, an inaugural dinner and ball! 

Inaugural Ball! Enter Lifted Balloons with a little, no-actually a LOT of dance in my step! I volunteered to bring some serious luxury balloon swag to this fun, family, educational event! Confession. This was my opportunity to style one for the very FIRST time! I knew that I'd be offering Balloon Bursts and Balloon Waterfalls on my menu of products for party style, BUT I needed an event to play around with technique and make clumsy mistakes without the pressure of performing for a client. This could not have lined up more perfectly. I was overjoyed to create a beautiful balloon installation with high drama!


Balloon Bursts and Balloon Waterfalls-

are the best party idea for visual impact that is unforgettable! Attendees of this event still talk about this balloon installation months after the ball!

Sometimes art is so innovative and new that the world doesn't even know what to call it. My research shows that this level of balloon art / balloon work has only been on the scene for roughly two years, which I consider very new-and most of this kind of work is being pioneered way outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. I have found that the balloon industry/party event industry hasn't really figured out the perfect name for what I am showing you. The terms "Balloon Arch" and "Balloon Garland" are what is currently being used to describe what you see at and the subject of this post. However, as you can see, it does not look like an arch in any way, nor does it resemble a garland. My team and I have wracked our brains to create names for these balloon creations and balloon installations that strike an accurate impression of what they actually look like. I don't know if I will be able to turn the vernacular to my chosen interpretation, but at least my Lifted Balloons clients will have a clear picture in mind when I suggest a Balloon Waterfall for their wedding reception entrance or a Balloon Burst for their Graduation Party. The above balloon installation falls under the category of a Balloon Waterfall, but I prefer to call it a Balloon Burst as it doesn't cascade over itself like a waterfall. It doesn't have the same movement and is fixed in place in an architectural fashion like a balloon sculpture. The color palette came from the tutor and I was relieved that she chose such an elegant color story. 


Photo booth idea that is sensational!

The students loved posing in front of this over-the-top balloon backdrop.

Homeschool students generally don't have many social special events to get dressed to the hilt for, so they embraced the semi-formal/formal attire only dress code with enthusiasm. I am proud to say that Lifted Balloons brought a photo booth balloon backdrop that matched the formality one hundred percent! Don't they look so stately and dignified posing in front of that sensational photo backdrop?


Calli is sworn in as Class Secretary-

"I, Calli Angeline Gilmore, do solemnly swear to uphold..."

What a dramatic focal point to this community clubhouse space?! The Main Clubhouse at Sycamore, is a beautiful space, yet it's a neutral canvas just begging for serious event styling. Calli is sworn in as Class Secretary after she and her running mate won the class election, in front of a Balloon Burst visually exploding with balloons of all sizes while hovering over a massive fireplace. Her tutor is a first class lady and polished educator, and it was so grand of her to give these students and our families this elegant ceremony and ball! It is noteworthy that the tutor also taught all the students, third graders up to high school, some basic ballroom steps and required every student to participate. It was such a joy to see fathers dancing with daughters, sons dancing with mothers and the younger students bravely asking each other to dance. There were several sets of pretty little shoes on top of their daddy's feet spinning around the ballroom floor! My eyes welled up many times as families carved memories into eternity while swaying, swinging, dipping and twirling. The gentlemen made sure their daughters and wives knew how spectacular and beautiful they were and the young men felt the freedom and fun of leading a lady in a dance. 


Balloon Burst is Center Stage

An unforgettable night of ballroom dancing!

Everyone had a fabulous time and didn't want the enjoyment of the evening to end. Months after the ball families continue to discuss what a magnificent experience it was from start to finish! Also, I still receive praise about the Balloon Burst that I styled for the event and how they had never seen anything like it. Personally, I love how it turned out and how it really transformed a community space into a sensational event styled in a presidential fashion!